image_conseildecentreMembers of the Board Centre (consisting of the Director, the General Secretary and team officials, as well as three members elected by electoral colleges including the College 3 (ITA 10 representatives), the engineers and technicians have the ability to create an Association members.
The committee of engineers and technicians will be submitted for validation to IMRB’s Governing Council and will be supported with specific ways, depending on the financial and logistical means available.
It should include a standing committee of three members appointed from among the elected members of the College 3, and in its action on the discussions and proposals of the Board of Engineers and Technicians.


At the Board of the Centre, the Committee is informed of all significant events of the life of the Centre for include:
-the science policy
-resource management,
-the organization and operation of the Centre,
-the problems related to conditions of life and work of agents,
-space allocation,
-the opening or closing the platforms,
-the arrival of new teams
-the distribution of facilities of outgoing teams in case of dispute,
-the ranking of requests to positions of engineers and technicians made by the Director,
-the creation of applications for posts of engineers and technicians,
-the use change engineers and technicians,
-the skills development and training plan of the Centre.


In addition, three times a year at least, an assembly of Engineers and Technicians and Administrative held with the Director, the Secretary General and of all the engineers and technicians of the Centre. The Assembly of engineers and technicians is responsible for ongoing reflection on the working conditions of its members.
In addition to the Committee, the ITA have the opportunity to establish working groups and develop proposals. These will be submitted to CODIR via the ITA Committee.