Committe of Researchers/Lecturers-Researchers of IMRB-COCHEC

In agreement with the Direction of the Mondor Institute of Biomedical Research (IMRB), we have created at the end of 2016 a committee composed of 11 researchers/lecturers-researchers (R/LR), including 5 associated members elected at the Council Centre of the Institute.



The main function of this committee is to participate to the scientific life of the Institute by facilitating the communication between R/LR and promoting the dissemination of information within the centre by acting as the principal link between the researchers and the Direction.

We organize twice a year a General Assembly for the dissemination of information, for collecting questions and remarks and for debating together all the current issues. The committee is nevertheless available for contact throughout the year and can be reached using the e-mail address:

The committee continuously evaluates working methods and conditions of R/LR at the Institute by searching and identifying the difficulties and obstacles encountered and by proposing potential solutions. Below are examples of the different issues considered:

  • Communication and exchanges with different committees (Direction of the center, technical staff, young researchers)
  • Management of human resources
  • Distribution of laboratory space and facilities
  • Scientific policy
  • Functioning of platforms
  • Availability of equipment and biological resources

In parallel, we have initiated the formation of satellite working groups dedicated to specific functions such as scientific strategy, building renovation, following of doctoral studies and valorization.

Some of us are also involved in other committees of the Institute and of UPEC:

  • Committee of scientific animation of the IMRB (Véronique Baudin-Creuza, Muriel Rigolet and Carole Hénique-Gréciet)
  • Animal steering committee of the IMRB and ethical committee (ComEth) (Sandrine Pons and Peggy Lafuste)
  • Research commission of UPEC (Flavia Castellano)
  • Council of management of the Faculty of Medicine UPEC (Virginie Prulière-Escabasse)
  • Council of management of the IUT UPEC (Sandrine Pons)