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When environmental sciences meet health sciences: 3rd OSU-IMRB seminar (videoconference) :

From 12:00 pm to 1:30 pm – By videoconference – Registration required

Several presentations will be proposed around the hospital-university genomics platform – Hôpital Henri Mondor/IMRB and PRAMMICS. (Plateforme Régionale d’Analyse Multi-Milieux des Micro-Contaminants) de l’OSU de l’OSU-EFLUVE

In presence of :

Olivier FERAUD, coordinateur scientifique et technique des plateformes de l’IMRB et Christophe RODRIGUEZ responsable de la plateforme de génomique hospitalo-universitaire – Hôpital Henri Mondor/IMRB




Emilie CAUPOS, responsable de la plateforme PRAMMICS

Aline GRATIEN, responsable scientifique de l’instrument SFE-GC-MS

Julien LE ROUX, responsable de l’analyseur d’AOX



Séminaire OSU/IMRB, contact : Carole Hénique-Gréciet


Platelets Facilitate the Wound-Healing Capability of Mesenchymal Stem Cells by Mitochondrial Transfer and Metabolic Reprogramming :

Jennyfer LEVOUX (IMRB-U955, équipe Relaix)

12h – Videoconference Zoom

Séminaire interne IMRB, contact : Carole Hénique-Gréciet


An integrative approach to psychological interventions in bipolar disorder :

Anabel MARTINEZ-ARÁN (Clinic Barcelona, Espagne)

Discutant : Bruno Etain (Department of Psychiatry, Paris Diderot University)

13h30 – Visioconférence Zoom
Cycle de conférences de FondaMental 2021 : Les thérapies psychosociales
Séminaire FondamentalESPRY, contact : Johanna Couvreur


Complement in heme-mediated diseases :

Lubka ROUMENINA (Cordeliers Research Center, INSERM UMRS 1138, Inflammation, complement and cancer)

Invited by Carole Hénique-Gréciet (team Sahali) and Roberta Foresti (team Ghaleh)

12h – Videoconference Zoom

Séminaire mensuel IMRB, contact : Carole Hénique-Gréciet


Artificial Intelligence (AI) and management of patients with gastrointestinal and hepatic cancers :

Julien CALDERARO (IMRB-U955, team Pawlotsky)

12h – Visioconférence Zoom

Séminaire interne IMRB, contact : Carole Hénique-Gréciet


Cell Circuits in Systems Medicine of Lung Disease :

Herbert SCHILLER (Max Planck Institute of Biochemistry | MPIB · Department of Proteomics and Signal Transduction, and deputy director of Systems Medicine of chronic lung disease lab)

Invited by Laurent Boyer (team Derumeaux)

12h – Videoconference Zoom

Séminaire IMRB, contact : Carole Hénique-Gréciet


From car to coronary: the cardiovascular effects of air pollution :

Mark MILLER (Centre for Cardiovascular Science at the University of Edinburgh, United Kingdom)

Invited by Jorge Boczkowski (Directeur de l’Institut)

12h – Videoconference Zoom

Séminaire IMRB, contact : Carole Hénique-Gréciet