Reciprocal signalling by Notch–Collagen V–CALCR retains muscle stem cells in their niche, 2018, Nature, vol 557, pages 714-718

The microenvironment is critical for stem cell maintenance. A central quest in the stem cell field is the composition and source of the molecules that make up their microenvironment.


A new study coordinated by Philippos Mourikis (CR1 CNRS) with the participation of Leo Machado (PhD student) in the team of Frederic Relaix (IMRB Team 10), and in close collaboration with the team of Prof S. Tajbaksh, Institut Pasteur, reveals that muscle stem cells make their own niche by producing extracellular matrix collagen V (COLV). Notably, COLV production is induced by Notch signalling and its interaction with the muscle stem cells is mediated by CALCR, a plasma membrane receptor also expressed by the same stem cells. Therefore, this study unveils a Notch-COLV-CALCR signalling cascade that cell-autonomously maintains the satellite cell quiescent state and raises the possibility of a similar reciprocal mechanism acting in diverse stem cell populations. This report was published in Nature on Mai 31, 2018 (Baghdadi BM et al.).

This study was the result of a collaboration with Prof S. Tajbaksh, Institut Pasteur, Paris, and with the Osaka University, Japan and the University of South Florida, USA.