Interviews with Marion Leboyer, Director of IMRB Team 15 as part of the “Medical/Scientific Interviews”, and for the publication of her latest book “Psychiatry: The State of Emergency”

Marion Leboyer, director of team 15 of the IMRB, the FondaMental Foundation, and head of department at the Chenevier-Mondor hospital in Créteil, has just given an interview as part of the “Entretiens de Médecine/Sciences” conducted jointly by the scientific journal and INSERM. During this interview she talks mainly about the immune system in psychiatry, but also about the role, not always recognized, of women in the scientific field. In parallel to this interview, Marion Leboyer co-wrote with Pierre-Michel Llorca, psychiatrist and head of the Psychiatry Department at the Clermont-Ferrand University Hospital, and in collaboration with the Institut Montaigne, a book entitled “Psychiatry, the state of emergency”, Editions Fayard, published on Wednesday 12/09/2018.





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Interview de Marion Leboyer, 28 minutes (Arte TV) du 18/09/2018
Interview de Marion Leboyer, L’invité de 8h20 : Le grand entretien (France Inter), du 7 septembre 2018
Interview de Marion Leboyer, Soir 3 (France 3) du 17/09/2018
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