IMRB sets up a Scientific Integrity Committee!

We are pleased to announce the establishment of the Scientific Integrity Committee of the IMRB (CIS-IMRB). The main missions of this committee are :

Recall the principles of scientific integrity.
To prevent possible sources of scientific misconduct and to promote good laboratory practices, by giving clues to prevent problems and by recalling good practices in terms of article signatures.
Responding to requests for information, help or advice anonymously (signatures, suspicions of a breach of integrity, sense of injustice, pressure for results…).
– If necessary, set up mediation for conflict situations that are reported to it. Within this framework, all the steps taken by the committee will be done with strict respect for confidentiality and the presumption of good faith of all persons involved.


The committee is composed of the Director of the IMRB, J. Boczkowski ( and 4 representatives of the different research actors: N. Seddiki ( for researchers and teacher-researchers, C. Vasseur ( for engineers, technicians and administrators, D. Mademtzoglou ( for post-doctoral students and J. Brehat ( for doctoral students.


A presentation of the committee will be made at the first meeting of the newly elected Council of the Centre and presentations will subsequently be scheduled to each of the Centre’s teams.