Imaging platform is enriched once again with new equipment!

There’s more news on the Imaging Platform. The platform has installed a staining automaton (Gemini AS) for histology.


During September, new staining will be possible:


the Sirius Red coloration,
the coloration of May-Grünwald Giemsa,

the coloration in Periodic Acid Shiff.
the Haematoxylin Eosin staining will also be performed with the automaton.


Sirius Red colours collagen fibres red and is an indicator of fibrosis. With Fiji (imageJ and the MRI Fibrosis Tool macro (, it is possible to measure the relative area of fibrosis marked by Sirius Red.

The May-Grünwald Giemsa stain is a staining that allows the identification of different populations of blood cells (red blood cells, different types of granulocytes and lymphocytes).

The Periodic Acid Shiff stain reveals brush border epithelia, basement membranes and glycogen.


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