Cindy Orvain, team 16, is on the cover of Inserm In Vivo for the month of June 2019!

Cindy Orvain, team 16 of the IMRB, has recently obtained her thesis with success. It is on the cover of the internal magazine Inserm In Vivo* in June 2019. She recounts her journey as part of the 16 team she joined in 2015, where she studies the regulation of effective responses of T cells and more particularly regulatory T cells in HIV-infected people. She also studied, by extension, Verneuil disease.


As a reminder, Cindy Orvain received the prize for the best oral communication at our last Day of Life Sciences and Health at the Doctoral School of Créteil, held on 10 October 2018 at the Salons de l’Aveyron.

*The Inserm in vivo internal journal illustrates the richness of Inserm’s scientific and administrative professions and staff in the Ile-de-France region. Through surveys, portraits and decoding articles, this quarterly publication highlights the work and projects carried out by all research actors at the regional level, in units and delegations.

Addressed to all categories of agents, Inserm in vivo informs you about the life of Ile-de-France research: initiatives, human resources, financial management, risk prevention, communication…