Carbon monoxide-induced metabolic switch in adipocytes improves insulin resistance in obese mice JCI Insight, November 15, 2018

A recent study conducted by Laura Braud, post-doctoral fellow in the Equipe directed by Roberto Motterlini (Equipe 12, IMRB), reveals that carbon monoxide (CO) improves insulin resistance and glucose metabolism in obese mice. The study appeared in the November issue of JCI Insight (Link:

Braud and colleagues showed that oral administration of a compound that delivers controlled amounts of CO (CORM-401) to mice fed a high-fat diet resulted in a significant reduction in body weight gain and a marked improvement in glucose homeostasis. The study allowed to identify a novel mechanism by which CO accumulates in visceral adipose tissue and uncouples mitochondrial respiration, ultimately leading to a concomitant switch toward glycolysis.

Laura presented the findings of this study at the 10th International Conference on Heme Oxygenase in Seoul (from 29 Oct  to 4 Nov 2018) where she received a Young Investigator Award.