January 13 2021

IMRB’s Relaix team publishes in the journal Cell Metabolism the discovery of a mitochondrial transfer mechanism from platelets activating the repair function of mesenchymal stem cells

Platelets are commonly used in clinical applications. In particular, they are known to stimulate the repair properties of mesenchymal stem cells, these effects being usually attributed to the many growth factors that they release following their activation.   The study headed by Anne-Marie Rodriguez with Jennyfer Levoux, Alexandre Prola and Peggy Lafuste as first co-authors […]

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January 6 2021

A mechanism controlling the efficiency of mitochondrial coupling has been revealed: mechanistic and medical perspectives

In an article available here, published on January 1st in Science Advances, the comparative medical genetics group of the BNMS team reveals an original mechanism by which the content of cardiolipin, a phospholipid present in the inner membrane of mitochondria, controls the coupling efficiency between the oxidation of energy substrates and the phosphorylation of ADP […]

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December 9 2020

Main issues and limitations of the contribution of Artificial Intelligence (AI) for the management of patients with gastrointestinal and hepatic cancers

Artificial Intelligence (AI) can extract complex information from visual data. Histopathological images of cancers indeed contain a very large amount of information that human observers can only partially understand.   Thus, AI allows a thorough analysis of digitized histological slides and offers a wide range of clinically relevant applications, such as the identification of prognostically […]

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November 26 2020

Four UPEC students from the France Pirenne team, honored by the management of the EFS!

The management of the EFS has recently published an article highlighting 4 former UPEC Master 2 students (Marion Pinheiro, Louise Pannetier, Latifa Ben Hassen and Justine Coombs) who did their internship with the France Pirenne team of our Institute.   Supervised by Benoît Vingert and Marie Tamagne, their research work on post-transfusion alloimmunization has resulted […]

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November 19 2020

Publication in The Lancet Oncology of a study led by Christos Chouaid (CHI Créteil – Service de Pneumologie, IMRB-U955 Bastuji-Garin team) on the benefits of a new treatment for patients with recurrent small cell lung cancer

Topotecan is currently the only drug approved in Europe in a second-line setting for the treatment of small cell lung cancer.   This study led by Prof. Christos Chouaid (Department of Pneumology at the CHI de Créteil – IMRB U955, Bastuji-Garin team) aimed to determine whether the carboplatin plus etoposide doublet was superior to Topotecan […]

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September 16 2020

IMI2 CARE Project: VRI-Inserm, coordinator of the European Public-Private Consortium, created to accelerate the development of Covid-19 treatments

The largest European initiative to accelerate the development of therapies for COVID-19 and future coronavirus threats was launched in Brussels on August 18. CARE (Corona Accelerated R&D in Europe) is a €77.7 million European public-private consortium of the Innovative Medicines Initiative (IMI) created to accelerate the development of therapies for Covid-19 and coronaviruses.   Professor […]

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August 3 2020

Ebola survivors show severe immune system abnormalities two years after their disease (Nature Communication of 24/07/2020)

VRI (Vaccine Research Institute)/ INSERM/UPEC (U955, IMRB) in collaboration with several Inserm and IRD teams has just published a study in Nature Communications on 24 July showing that Ebola survivors suffer serious immune system sequelae two years after their disease.   Continuing to wreak havoc in the Democratic Republic of Congo four years after the […]

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July 4 2020

Arrival of a startup in the new EnvA Chauveau building in interaction with Frédéric Relaix’s BNMS team

The École nationale vétérinaire d’Alfort is pleased to welcome within its new research platform, the Auguste Chauveau building, the start-up “Encefa” to develop a promising scientific partnership in terms of innovation and research on neurodegenerative and inflammatory diseases.   The start up “Encefa” integrated, in June, the premises of our platform dedicated to research in […]

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July 1 2020

Imaging platform is enriched once again with new equipment!

There’s more news on the Imaging Platform. The platform has installed a staining automaton (Gemini AS) for histology.   During September, new staining will be possible:   the Sirius Red coloration, the coloration of May-Grünwald Giemsa, the coloration in Periodic Acid Shiff. the Haematoxylin Eosin staining will also be performed with the automaton.   Sirius […]

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June 15 2020

New on the Imaging platform!

The imaging facility is pleased to announce the arrivals of its new Zeiss LSM 900 confocal microscope with Airyscan2 to replace the LSM510. The LSM 900 will be operational as of June 22nd.   The Zeiss confocal LSM 900 is part of the latest Zeiss confocal family. The wide range of objectives (long working distance […]

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May 29 2020

The Cristoli Virus: Discovery of a new virus of the family Bunyaviridae thanks to the NGS platform and several members of Jean-Michel Pawlotsky’s team

The family Bunyaviridae is a large but unfamiliar group of viruses with more than 300 members with a spherical and helical envelope. Viruses of this family can infect a wide range of hosts, from mosquitoes to marsupials and from thrips to tomatoes. Several of the Bunyaviridae cause serious disease in humans; they represent a growing […]

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May 18 2020

Thesis projects of the SVS Doctoral School proposed by the IMRB teams!

SVS (Sciences et Vie de la Santé) Doctoral School provides the thesis projects proposed by certain teams of our Institute, among others. Here are the titles with the respective leaders and their associated teams.   1) Cellular origin of spine deformity in a new murine model of Neurofibromatosis type 1 (Céline Colnot, équipe Relaix) 2) […]

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May 12 2020

Launch of a call for applications for EUR LIVE! doctoral scholarships!

UPEC’s EUR (University Research School) LIVE (Life Trajectories & Health Vulnerability) is calling for applications for doctoral scholarships in the following Doctoral Schools, ED Life and Health Sciences (SVS), ED Organisations, Markets, Institutions (OMI), ED Sciences, Engineering and Environment (SIE) and ED Public Health (SP).   Together, UPEC, Inserm and CNRS will study health vulnerability […]

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May 5 2020

Good news for the IMRB platforms!

ISO 9001 certification defines a series of requirements concerning the implementation of a quality management system in an organization, whatever its size and sector of activity.   In 2011 the flow cytometry platform was the first platform to receive this certification as well as the processes supporting maintenance and health & safety, followed three years […]

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